Meet The Board Stretcher

The Board Stretcher is a revolutionary tool allowing trim work to be finished at a higher quality, less material to be used, and more intricate designs completed on a tight budget.

The Board Stretcher works by using patented technology to finger joint two or more trim boards together to create joints that won't separate and allow short pieces of trim to be formed into a full length piece. The Board Stretcher also enables contractors to make circular trim pieces from straight boards.


A More In-Depth Look

Watch Geoff take on more detailed projects with the Board Stretcher from start to finish.


What's Next for the Board Stretcher?

1When will the product be available?
We are currently still finalizing the design before moving into manufacturing. Our next barrier is funding the purchase of a mold for manufacturing.
2Is the Board Stretcher patented?
Yes. A utility patent was recently awarded to Innotool based on the design and operation of the Board Stretcher.
3How can I get a demo of the Board Stretcher?
Contact us! We would be more than happy so set-up a demo of the Board Stretcher prototype as we're sure you'll be just as impressed with it as we are.
4Can I invest or license?
Yes! We are currently exploring options to sell equity in the company or license the Board Stretcher in order to fund development of other tools or start manufacturing the Board Stretcher.
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